About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

Day Crystal Specialist Hospital is a private health care setup, a  leading household name in Kaduna State, Nigeria that is providing quality, timely and affordable heathcare service delivery with state of the art medical facilities to its esteemed clients at all times. We are experienced, and have professional hands working to  accelerate the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 3 in Nigeria.


Day Crystal hospital is expanding its healthcare value chain with a modern day CT scan laboratory and is seeking for investors for return on investment.

Are you an investor? We are open to discussion with you. Meanwhile, you can download our business model on the link below for your consideration.

DAY CRYSTAL – Business model

Our Vision 
To provide affordable access to top class healthcare facilities to those who need it most at appropriate prices and as service to humanity at all times.

Mission Statement
To save lives by preventing, improving and advising population on healthy living, availing access to quality heathcare service delivery to most vulnerable using global best practice.

Welcome to our modern day healthcare facilities

We constantly invest in high-end medical facilities,equipments and human capital development to stand the test of time.

We promised to take care… and deliver!